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fancy_clobber's Journal

Fancy Clobber
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This Community is for those that want to swap/sell/ask for interesting, out of the ordinary clothes.

accessories, alternative fashion, anti- fashion, aprons, art, australia, baby doll, badges, bags, ballet shoes, ballgowns, bargains, beauty, bikinis, black, bleach, blue polka dots, bobby pins, boots, buttons, clothes, clothes designing., clothing, collars, corsets, costumes, cross-dressing, curly hair, cyber fashion, designers, designing, doc martens, dreadlocks, dresses, dressing up, dyes, eye liner, eye-contacts, eyeshadow, faeries, faery wings, fake fur, fancy clothes, fashion, fashion design, feather boa, figures, fishnet, flairs, formals, fringe, fruits, glasses, glitter, gloves, goth, goths, gowns, grass skirts, hair, hair dye, hair extensions, hair gel, hand bags, hats, heels, henna, high heels, hippies, japan, jumpers, kimono, lace, leather, lip gloss, lipstick, lockets, mascara, melbourne, necklaces, new romantic, nighties, peircings, perfume, petticoats, photos, piercings, pigtails, pinafores, pjs, plaid, platform boots, platforms, pocket watches, polka dots, ponytails, powder, punk, pvc, queer, ribbons, rings, ruffles, safety pins, salvation army, sandals, sari, scarves, self expression, sewing, shaving, shirts, shoes, shopping, short hair, showing off, silk, skirts, socks, stockings, stripes, sunglasses, suspenders, sweat pants, t-shirts, tanning, tap shoes, tartan, tartan skirts, tattoos, thrift shops, tie dye, ties, tights, top hats, trousers, tutu's, uniforms, unusual, veils, velvet, vintage, vintage clothing, wax, weird clothes, weird clothing, weird people, weird stuff, wigs, wings